Zach Randolph 20 Points Full Highlights (11/9/2017)

Zach “Black Michelin Man” Randolph on the Kings just doesn’t seem right. His round body doesn’t want to wear a purple jersey, and his perfectly spherical head is not suited to wearing a purple headband. I get that he’s only there to excrete savvy veteran wisdom from his wisdom-pores, but I can’t figure out why he would want to be on the perpetually-underachieving Kings instead of the perpetually-overachieving Grizzlies. Was it a money thing? A touches thing? Or did the Grizzlies not have enough young players eligible for receiving wisdom?

Maybe the only plus side in all of this is that the practice battles between Zach Randolph and Georgios Papagiannis must be hilarious to observe for all involved parties. I’m envisioning some serious rag-doll physics getting re-enacted in the Kings’ practice facility.

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