Alex Len 21 Points Full Highlights (11/10/2017)

I knew I was in for some punishment when I saw that Alex Len made ten free throws in this game to just five made field goals. And when Len made three of his five field goals before even taking a free throw, I had to resist the urge to unplug my computer and throw it into traffic. But I persevered and managed to finish editing the video with my sanity mostly intact.

I say “mostly intact” because, as I type this, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny little spiders running around in my home office/”highlights chamber”. The crazy thing is, all of these spiders have little Alex Len heads on them, and they’re all babbling in squeaky Ukrainian. Every time I try to sweep them off my desk or crush them with my fist, more of them pour out from the cracks in the walls. They’re crawling all over me right now, and it’s really hard to focus on writing a description when you’ve got a bunch of furry little legs tickling you.

The Alex Len spiders are also depositing sticky little egg sacs all over the place. I poked one and a million baby Alex Len spiders exploded from it. Hopefully this is just an illusion caused by my crumbling sanity because I don’t want my cat to eat any spiders, they might disagree with his sensitive tummy.

Don’t worry about me though. This is often what happens when I have to sit through too many free throws in a row.

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