Kris Dunn 16 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (11/10/2017)

Location of the least exciting point-guard battle in recorded history: Chicago. Belligerents: Kris Dunn and Jerian Grant. Outcome: Decisive loss for people who want to watch good basketball.

You can argue the merits of both players, but unless one of them gets way better, it doesn’t really matter who starts and who doesn’t. Dunn theoretically has way higher potential, because he was drafted so high that there must be something there, right? They wouldn’t just draft him a few picks in for fun. Meanwhile, Grant is still riding the wave of hype caused by that really sick pre-draft workout video he had, so maybe there could be some potential there also.

The only solution is to play them both decent minutes and see if one of them finds the fortitude to win the starting job. So far, neither one has, but the season is young. And, who knows, maybe Kay Felder will come in and blow them both out of the water! Yeah!

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