Willie Reed 15 Points Full Highlights (11/10/2017)

There is a certain amount of shame I have to endure when uploading a video that is less than a minute long. Presenting a video of such length is like an implicit admission that the video in question is of little entertainment value. And, in the case of this Willie “Not Willis” Reed video, there is truly no entertainment to be derived from its viewing.

I’m sure Reed’s hustle and tenacity on the glass would make him a valued contributor to any bench unit in the league, but there is nobody in the known universe who wants to watch a guy get tip-ins for 55 seconds. And there is especially nobody who wants to watch tip-ins interspersed with singleton free throws that came as a result of hustling for rebounds.

So, in some senses, the short runtime of this video is a blessing in the skies. If the viewer decides they want to torment themselves by watching it, at least the torment will be swift.

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