Brandon Paul 15 Points Full Highlights (11/11/2017)

Darn. I was hoping that the “Smooth and Chocolatey” catchphrase used in reference to Brandon Paul would carry through the entire season, but it looks like that was just a one-time joke for the Spurs commentators. It’s a horrible phrase, but it’s horrible in a way where you can use it every once in a while and it will be funny.

There’s no rule that says I can’t use a catchphrase created by another person if that person has ceased using it. From a legal perspective, I’m in the clear if I want to use “Smooth and Chocolatey” every time I reference Brandon Paul. I can adopt the phrase and make it own. It was abandoned and now I have taken possession of it.

Paul had a good game against the Bulls, one of many Spurs role-players to do so. His jumpshot was smooth, his finishes were chocolatey, and his facial expressions were neither smooth nor chocolatey. The fact that Paul is having an okay rookie season with the Spurs basically ensures that he’ll be in the league for at least a couple years.

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