Courtney Lee 20 Points Full Highlights (11/11/2017)

Courtney Lee has been a bastion of absolute reliability for his entire time in the NBA. Even though he’s never been the long-term answer for any team at the shooting guard position, he’s performed his role competently at every stop along the way. He shoots well and defends, but I feel like most teams acquire him and then think to themselves, “Well, it would be nice if we had somebody who could score a little bit more than Lee does”. Hence his status as a true NBA journeyman.

I believe Courtney Lee may have been one of the only players on the godawful 2009-10 Nets to escape the situation unscathed. He averaged a career high in points, but the experience could have easily turned him into an unabashed chucklord. Instead, he emerged from that team as a player would be happy to receive few touches, a player who wouldn’t shoot tons of three-pointers just because they’re there and he’s good at them.

I also believe that every NBA fan secretly wans Lee on their team because he seems like he should be a winner even though he’s only been to the playoffs a few times in his career. I confess that I have a secret wish for Lee on the Bucks.

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