Damyean Dotson 14 Points Full Highlights (11/11/2017)

Rookies, understandably, are not always aware of the varied nuances of the NBA game. Not just the act of playing, but the mannerisms, the traditions, the unwritten rules. Damyean Dotson is a rookie for the Knicks, and it is painfully obvious. Someone get that man a savvy vet to teach him the ways of the NBA, stat! I’m thinking Lance Thomas.

Look at the thumbnail. Do you see what I see? That’s right. Damyean Dotson is SMILING. Smiling because he did a good thing and he is happy for himself. That’s a big no-no. Maybe you can get away with that in your elementary school leagues, but not here. Not here where the big boys play. Smiling after you do something good is reserved for your teammates only. They can freak out as much as they want, they can hold each other back on the bench, they can go in for a hearty slap on the rump, but you have to stay stoic. No emotion. If you do have to let out a little something, maybe pump your fist or scrunch up your face and yell. But don’t frickin’ SMILE. What the hell?

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