Dennis Smith Jr. 21 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (11/11/2017)

My vibe receptors can be overly sensitive sometimes. On occasion I will receive false or erroneous vibes. If I stand too close to my microwave while it’s cooking me a Hot Pocket, for example, any NBA player I see will give me Matt Carroll vibes. The nuclear-energy research facility a few blocks away gives me a constant vibe of Channing Frye. Whenever I walk by a bakery that sells cupcakes, I pick up these weird Kevin Durant vibes. But I feel confident in saying that I detect Damian Lillard vibes coming from Dennis Smith Jr.

They can both shoot. They can both pass (if they feel like it). They can both dunk the ball with furious fury. They’re both a little bit short for the modern NBA, but not like midget size or anything. They both play for teams in the NBA. How many more similarities do you want me to list? I think my point has been made successfully.

Lillard has “Lillard Time”. What we need now is an equivalent catchphrase for when DSJ starts taking over a game. How about “The Junior is Hazing the Freshman by Holding Him Down in the Back of the Team Bus and Draping his Nutsack on Top of their Forehead.” Get it? Because the last part of his name is Junior, and he’s engaging in the bizarre homoeroticized display of initiation and power exertion known as “teabagging”?

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