Derrick Favors 24 Points Full Highlights (11/11/2017)

Not only is Derrick Favors’ 24 points in this game a season-high, it’s also a higher single-game total than he scored at any point in 2016-17 season. With that fact taken into account, it is fair to call this performance a VINTAGE D-FAVES performance. We haven’t seen him look this unstoppable down low since two seasons ago. The only thing missing was fifteen-foot pick and pops from the elbow. Maybe he took some and just missed them, I don’t know, I’m too busy to go back and check the footage.

For a little while there, Favors was looking like a core piece of the Jazz going forward. Now he seems like an expendable role-player with durability issues. Maybe this game will be part of his renaissance and he’ll re-establish himself as an up-and-coming power forward in the league. He’s only 26 after all, he’s not necessarily done improving.

Rubio and Favors can be like Stockton and Malone. I feel it. I want it. Their skin colors even match. If that’s not destiny I don’t know what is.

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