Jamal Murray Career High 32 Points Full Highlights (11/11/2017)

I was really, really worried that Jamal Murray wouldn’t surpass his previous career high of 30 tonight. He tied it with like seven whole minutes to go in the THIRD quarter, and I was like “hell yeah 40 points here we go”. So sure was I of Murray’s oncoming 40-burger that I strapped myself into my highlights chair real tight so that when my limbs started flailing I wouldn’t mess up any of my equipment.

Turns out the bondage wasn’t really necessary, because Murray promptly stopped scoring after that point. He eventually found another bucket from the bottom of his bucket of buckets, so total disaster was averted, but I really wanted 40. If you haven’t experienced the feeling of all your muscles losing control simultaneously when a role-player notches 40 points in a single NBA game, you haven’t lived. Try it out! Except I’m pretty sure that it’s a genetic thing with me. Results may vary.

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