Kyle Kuzma 21 Points Full Highlights (11/11/2017)

Kyle “The Jakuzzi” Kuzma got outplayed by Lonzo Ball for one of the few times this season, but I would say that Kuzma is still in the lead in the “better Lakers rookie” race. Sure, he didn’t have a triple-double, and his hairline is merely average compared to the unbelievable straightness of Lonzo’s hairline, but he returned to his usual efficient scoring ways after a few inefficient outings.

When was the last time you saw Lonzo go up as hard as Kuzma did when attempting to pack it on Thon Maker? Fearlessness in attacking the basket is an admirable trait in any rookie. Willingness to end people’s lives in vicious posterizations is also admirable. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Lonzo hasn’t displayed either of those tendencies. Kuzma has. He also shoots the ball like a normal person with normal control over which way his limbs go. Suddenly this “best Lakers rookie” race is turning into a blowout.

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