Skal Labissiere 19 Points Full Highlights (11/11/2017)

Another day, another vid with way too many free throws. Skal Labissiere hit 5 shots tonight, a fact secondary to the 9 of 10 he shot from the line. I even thought about not making this vid, but I did anyway, obviously, because you’re watching the fruits of my wretched labors. I made it because, let me tell you friends, last year I caught Skal-fever, I caught it bad, I was having fever dreams of endless bouncing basketballs with Skal’s face on them, that’s how bad I had the Skal-fever, and I still have it. The fever remains unbroken.

It is this fever that compels me to compile these highlights. Worthy performances by Labissiere have been hard to come by this season, so I have to take any chance I can get. Why are they still holding him down, anyway? DeMarcus Cousins isn’t around anymore to steal his minutes, and I’m finding it hard to believe that Kosta Koufos would take minutes from anyone. So what’s the deal? Kings fans will have to tell me the deal, because I cannot figure out the deal myself.

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