Will Barton 26 Points Full Highlights (11/11/2017)

This is the first time in DownToBuck history where a player gets an assist as the commentator says with disgust “What a terrible pass!”. Congratulations Will Barton! You suck! Your crappy pass somehow resulted in an assist, the passing equivalent of banking in a three from the corner.

Aside from that oddity, Barton had a good game tonight. Maybe even a great game? Yeah, whatever. Let’s go with great game on this one. He passed, he defended, he rebounded a bit, and he scored a bunch of buckets in the typical Barton way.

And that’s all I have to say about that. I’m tired, and I’ve got a bed (already containing a little kitty named Japurri Purrker) with my name on it. Literally. Got that sucker a custom paint job, and I got sheets made with my circular logo all over them. Hit me up if you want a set, it’s like $300 bucks or something.

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