Clint Capela 20 Points Full Highlights (11/12/2017)

Twenty points in a single game is not unusual for Clint Capela when he gets to play with James Harden the entire time. Harden makes the game easy for the Capelmeister. What I’m struggling to comprehend is how the addition of Chris Paul into the mix will affect Capela’s game. Every time I think about it, my mind gets blown a little more thoroughly than the last time.

Chris Paul is right up there with Harden in terms of mastery of the pick-and-roll. DeAndre Jordan is poopoo now that Paul isn’t around to throw him lobs. Since Capela will now receive CP3 lobs in addition to Harden lobs, will he be averaging thirty PPG? Or is there like a limit on how many lobs you can throw in one game? The only thing that could stop Capela from being a nightly 30/20 threat is ref interference, foul trouble, or an unwritten rule that states that, to avoid embarrassing the opposing defense, you’re supposed to stop throwing lobs after you throw ten of them to the same guy.

I guess we’ll see when CP3 comes back. But now I’m thinking, why did the Rockets trade Montrezl Harrell? Add twenty or thirty points per game from him to the scoring you’re already getting from Capela and all of a sudden the Rockets are utterly unbeatable.

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