Tobias Harris 25 Points Full Highlights (11/12/2017)

Why was Tobias Harris, as evidenced by the thumbnail, crying tonight? I watched and rewatched the footage around the clip in question, and I couldn’t find any reason for as to why he’d be shooting free throws with tears leaking out of his eyes. But it’s there, plain as day: a grimacing and lachrymose Tobey Bear.

We may never know. It’s entirely possible that the tears were not prompted by events in the game, but by thoughts and memories from his own mind. I know sometimes I start thinking about how much I truly like Pop Tarts on a deep and personal level and I get a little weepy.

For one I really appreciate Harris’ candid display of emotions. We often see the light side of sports, the happy side, the triumphant side, but it is not as often that we see players acknowledging the darker side of the game, and of life itself.

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