Yogi Ferrell 18 Points Full Highlights (11/12/2017)

That insane three-point shooting performance Yogi Ferrell had on national TV really inflated his reputation among NBA fans. That was the first many people had seen of him, and probably also the last. First impressions mean a lot, because I still see people talking about him as if he’s some sort of incredibly underrated young talent.

He’s not. He’s just a guy now. A guy who can shoot the three. A guy who seemingly forgot how to pass the ball this season. And that’s it. He doesn’t offer a whole ton, stats-wise. Unrelated, but can he even dunk? Dennis Smith Jr. can dunk. If Ferrell wants to get back into my good graces, he has to start dunking, or at least throwing a lob to someone who can once in a while.

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