Darius Miller Career High 21 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (11/13/2017)

Darius Miller makes his long-awaited return to this channel, scoring 21 on 7 of 9 shooting and reminding me simultaneously of both Darius Morris and Quincy Miller. All of a sudden I’m not as excited about this performance anymore. Can we get those two dudes back in the league instead?

I’m playin’. I’m actually pretty hyped right now, because I didn’t think I’d see Miller Time again. After his cruddy final season with the Pelicans a couple years ago, I thought that was it for him in the NBA. Whoops! Turns out the Pelicans remembered how much they liked him the year before that, when he was maybe an okay role-player, and brought him back to reprise his role.

This is a pretty good vid, for it being 21 points. Just a bunch of threes with some long twos mixed it. The only problem with it is that neither commentator said “It’s Miller time!” after he made one of his many threes. What’s up with that? That’s like the easiest line to come up with and they just ignore it. It’s not like those beer-peddlers would even be mad that they used their copyrighted phrase. It’s free advertisement.

If you want the full of experience of this game, watch this and the Tyler Cavanaugh vid I just uploaded back to back. Or even at the same time. It was a truly epic battle between two scrubs. I think I heard some Howard Shore playing in the background.

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