Donovan Mitchell 24 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2017)

More buckets for Donovan Mitchell. This man is a bucket machine. Does he ever get good looks? It doesn’t seem like it. Every bucket is a work of supreme determination on his part. That’s why his percentages suck, and that’s also why percentages aren’t everything. Some of us watch the games. But most of us just watch the highlights and call it good. That’s cool too.

Mitchell got off to a slow start along with the rest of his teammates, so this game was over pretty quick. He helped to make it kind of a contest in the fourth quarter with his eurosteps and such, enough to get the fans hyped a little bit, but it wasn’t enough. As the Jazz play more and more games, it looks like he’s gonna have to do more and more scoring for them to be competitive in the West. Either that, or Nate Wolters has to step up. I know which choice I’m rooting for.

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