Enes Kanter 20 Points/1 Fight Full Highlights (11/13/2017)

As far as fights go, this one isn’t great. It certainly doesn’t live up to past classics like “Ibaka vs. Fropez” or “Henson vs. Barnes” or “Artest vs. Fans”, but it does involve LeBron, which bumps it up a bit. LeBron hasn’t been roughed up since that brutal hit Nazr Mohammed delivered on him in the playoffs, and I was hoping that this would mark an incidence of LeBitch getting punched in his LeGonads. Metaphorically, or actually. Either way.

Nope. Instead, we get Enes Kanter running to Frank Ntilikina’s defense and going face to face with LeBron. No punches, just words. An admirable action by Kanter, defending his rookie like that and getting the crowd fired up, but ultimately meaningless. If you’re gonna inject yourself into a skirmish uninvited, the least you can do is drop a People’s Elbow or deliver some sweet chin music.

Oh, and the Knicks lost this one. I don’t know how they did it, but they did. Makes up for those games they stole in the fourth quarter, I guess.

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