John Henson 17 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2017)

Now that Greg Monroe is gone forever and Thon Maker is trash forever (or at least the rest of this season probably), John “Hell’s Hensman” Henson will be the de facto starting center for the Bucks. Never mind that he’s got the same muscle mass that he had when he was a sophomore in high school and that he gets thrown around by any big man with a reasonable amount of size, or that his only credible move on offense is a left-handed hook shot. He’s the starter now. He has to be. There is no other choice.

It’s games like this from Henson where I’m like, maybe it wouldn’t even be so bad if Henson was our starting center of the future. Then he has his bad games were all he does is foul and get bullied and I start writing down trade ideas involving a Dellavedova-Mahinmi swap (obviously multiple picks come the Bucks’ way in that scenario). I personally think you could get Henson to play this way every game if you just told him that he would get a free Chipotle burrito for every basket or blocked shot he records. Then he would be unstoppable. Such a scheme would be 100% illegal in the NCAA but I think it’s fine in the NBA, right?

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