Jordan Clarkson 25 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2017)

Going by per 36 stats, which are the best stats ever and I’m super thankful to whoever invented the concept, Jordan “Half Filipino And Don’t You Forget It” Clarkson is a top ten scorer in the league. And, unlike past seasons where he would put up nice-looking scoring numbers on middling efficiency, Clarkson has been knocking down over half of his field goal attempts. He’s still a one-dimensional scorer, but now he’s a good enough scorer that it cancels out his lack of impact in other areas.

Clarkson’s currently sitting at 15 PPG off the bench. He scored 15 PPG in his second year in the league, but this year he’s doing it off the bench in ten fewer minutes per game. And, as I said before, he’s doing it at greater efficiency than he’s ever shown himself to be capable of. If that’s not a strong case for 6MOTY of the year, I don’t know what is. There might be a regression to the mean coming up soon for Clarkson so they should just give out the award right now before his stats get worse.

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