Robert Covington Career High 31 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2017)

Looking at the list the highest-scoring games in Robert Covington’s career is making me sad. All I wanted to do was confirm that 31 is indeed his career-high in points. I didn’t sign up for the part where Covington’s eight next-highest games all resulted in losses for his team. Basketball-reference should provide like a spoiler alert or something similar when they know you’re about to look at a stat that will make you sad, or if you’re about to look at Brandon Roy’s summary page.

If I go further down the list, it looks like, of the 41 times that Covington has scored above twenty in his career, only thirteen of those came in a victory. Seven of those victories are from this year. So, overall, Covington has had a lot of good games, but his team has rarely been good enough to capitalize on hsi strong performances. That might be changing now, but seeing this laid in front of me so plainly just made me realize how dismal the talent situation was in Philadelphia for the past few years.

This is a sadness that I don’t think Pop Tarts can cure. I’m about to break my “no Hot Pockets before 10 AM” rule.

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