Shaun Livingston 16 Points/6 Assists/3 Dunks Full Highlights (11/13/2017)

Shaun Livingston is not the perfect replacement for Stephen Curry given that he can’t shoot threes, but he’s definitely decent enough to be a spot starter when the situation calls for it. A team that started Livingston full-time wouldn’t win very many games, but a team with him being their backup PG would likely do quite well. If that makes sense.

One thing that’s blowing my mind is Livingston’s age: he’s only 32. Now, 32 is pretty old, but I was working with the idea that he was maybe 34 or 35 and that his surgically reconstructed knees would be imminently failing him. In light of this new information, I can confidently say that we will get to enjoy at least two more years of “Savvy Shaun” playing increasingly small roles. Coincidentally, he has two more years on his contract after this season. That fact did not have any impact in my longevity prediction for him.

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