Dennis Smith Jr. 27 Points Full Highlights (11/14/2017)

This one caught me off guard. I was looking at the boxscore for this one with about a minute remaining and saw Dennis Smith Jr. had 20. A good game for him, but not anything amazing, so I began snack preparations for the night ahead. Imagine my surprise when I returned from my microwave to find that he had 27! Seven whole extra points in garbage time. At least, it was garbage time until he started scoring like a maniac, bringing the Mavericks back into the realm of possibility.

27 points just sounds way better than 20, does it not? It totally does, and I’ll tell you why: because 25 points is the official cutoff for a “good” scoring game. At least for “good” players and not scrubs. Everyone agrees on this. Some people who are really needy and weren’t loved as children may say the cutoff is 30, but they are wrong. If Smith Jr. had scored 24, it would barely be noteworthy, but 27? SiCK!

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