OG Anunoby 16 Points Full Highlights (11/14/2017)

I don’t see what’s wrong with the name Ogugua. It looks fine to me. Way cooler than most names in the league. So why would Mr. Anunoby abandon it in favor of “Oh Gee” and then spell it like you’re supposed to say “AWGG”? Is he embarrassed of his heritage or something? Too African? That would be a dumb reason. Whatever the case, I’m going to keep thinking it’s pronounced how it looks until he adds some periods to that thing.

OG had a great game tonight, making everyone who called him a super raw project look really dumb. Well, he’s been doing that already with his passing, but now he’s done it with his scoring. Normally I’m not in favor of what Casey does as “coach” of the Raptors, but putting OG in the starting lineup worked out quite nicely. Always good to try and surprise your opponents with secret weapons. The Rockets’ scouting report on him probably consisted of approximately what I wrote in the first paragraph, and little about his basketball skills. Now they know: he can shoot threes.

I wonder how Bruno Caboclo is feeling right now.

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