Avery Bradley 28 Points Full Highlights (11/15/2017)

I’m gonna be honest: once the Pistons got off to that 7-0 start against the Bucks, I turned off the TV, stood up, and went outside. Went for a walk. Life is too short to spend it watching some huge dudes put a ball in a hoop, especially if my geographically-selected huge dudes aren’t even putting the ball in a hoop. It was a little chilly, but it was so nice. There’s a pond near my place you can walk around. The water glimmering in the moonlight was like something out of a cheesy romance novel. For real. Except unlike the dudes in the books I’m done with women forever.

Just kidding! Not about the done with women part, but about the going outside part. I sure got you good, didn’t I? How gullible you are. DownToBuck, go outside? PFFFT. I am pfffting at the notion. Truth is, I waited until the game was tied late in the fourth quarter before turning it off. Close games aren’t good for my heart.

Avery Bradley was super clutch with that game-tying three, but it wasn’t enough. 28 points, not enough. 5 assists, not enough. Bradley tried his best, but his best was not enough. Great game, though. Bucks-Pistons in the ECF is gonna be fire.

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