Brandon Ingram Career High 26 Points Full Highlights (11/15/2017)

Brandon Ingram is so skinny that he could pass for one of those Thinspiration models, and it looks like he’s allergic to the very concept of weight rooms, but he actually had some powerful finishes through contact in this game, so it really doesn’t matter how many protein shakes he doesn’t drink, does it? I had a coach tell me once that finishing at the rim is two parts body control, one part strength, and one part luck.

Just kidding. The only coaching I got was my dad yelling at me to come in and eat dinner after I had spent five hours dunking on my kiddie hoop while my kiddie boombox blasted the “I Believe I Can Fly” song from Space Jam.

Ingram not only had some impressive drives to the cup this game, but he also made it rain from midrange. That’s something that a twig like him should have no problem doing, especially a tall twig who can shoot over defenders like they aren’t there. My vibe receptors might be picking up interference from my asshole neighbor’s ham radio operation, but I totally got Kevin Durant vibes from Ingram in this video. The Austin Daye vibes, I attribute to the chemicals emanating from my mini-fridge.

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