Tim Hardaway Jr. 26 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/15/2017)

Tim Hardaway Jr. has surprised me in these past few games with his playmaking ability as well as his rejuvenation as a scorer. He was drawing some attention at the beginning of the season (not the good kind of attention) for being inefficient and basically useless, but he has again shown us snide internet commentators that we shouldn’t write a player off after a measly five or so games.

I don’t know if we can officially call THJ the official second fiddle to Porzingis’ first fiddle, but it’s getting pretty close to that point. Actually, now that I look at the stats, screw it. THJ is the second fiddle on the Knicks right now. Who else is even a candidate? Enes Kanter? Nah. Courtney Lee? Way nah. Doug McDermott the fifth-highest-scoring Knick? That’s so nah that I just got transported to the planet Nah in the Nope galaxy and I have to beam in this description from thousands of light years away. That’s why it took so long for it to show up underneath the video.

So, now that THJ officially the official second fiddle, we have to ask ourselves, can the Knicks be good with THJ as the official second fiddle? Well, they’re squarely in the playoff picture now, so the answer is, yes, the Knicks can be good with THJ as the official second fiddle. Officially.

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