Greg Monroe 20 Points Suns Debut Full Highlights (11/16/2017)

By the time Greg Monroe got traded away from Milwaukee, he had made me into a fan. I won’t lie to you and say that some of his tendencies didn’t annoy me, like his inability to defend the rim, his desire to take elbow jumpers after standing there with the ball for five seconds, his lack of touch around the rim which caused him to blow layups, and his limited athleticism relegating him to a below-the-rim game, but overall I appreciated the scoring, rebounding, and size that he brought to the team.

But I didn’t really feel anything when he was traded, other than I was happy that he was able to go to a team that might not shoehorn him into a sixth man role like Milwaukee did. Then people were like “oh they’ll just buy him out because he’ll mess up the development of their young bigs” and I was sad. But now I’m happy again that he had a good game in his debut, scoring twenty points on ten made field goals just like a real big man should. But I’m also a little bit sad now because Tyson Chandler will come back from illness and not even get to play. Somebody tell me what emotion I should be feeling right now because it keeps changing and I don’t like it.

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