Josh Jackson 16 Points Full Highlights (11/16/2017)

So, we’ve all been told that Josh Jackson is a supreme athlete and explosive leaper who makes Derrick Jones Jr. look like Luke Ridnour. This is the narrative that surrounds last year’s 4th overall pick. So why does he go up so weak with his dunks? He had two easy breakaway slams in this game, and both times I prepared myself for major whammage, and both times I was blue-balled by Jackson’s wimpy, effortless slams.

I watch basketball because I want to be entertained. That is the only reason to watch basketball as far as I’m concerned. So when players deliberately take actions to make the game LESS entertaining for me, that’s when my gears get officially grinded. Josh Jackson is ruining the fan experience ON PURPOSE and I’m not going to stand for it anymore. I haven’t decided in what way I’m going to protest NBA players’ lack of respect for the fans who pay their salaries, but you can bet it will involve multiple hashtags and some choicely-worded graffiti on the NBA headquarters building. And some video descriptions like this one where I rally people to my cause.

And now I will leave a personal message for Mr. Jackson, who I’m pretty sure is reading this: please dunk it better because I get frustrated on an almost sexual level when you do weak dunks. Thanks.

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