Justin Holiday 27 Points Full Highlights (11/17/2017)

We’re a pretty decent chunk into the season and Justin Holiday is maintaining the slimmest of leads over his brother in the “Holiday bros PPG battle”. Before tonight he was losing 14.4 to 14.3 vs Jrue, but these 27 points should put him over the top because Jrue really sucks now and doesn’t usually score that many points.

That’s not to say that Justin doesn’t also suck. He does. He scores points, but his efficiency is down there among the worst in the league. Not his fault entirely, though. Hard to be good when being thrust into a role you’re unsuited for (the chucker role), alongside not-so-good teammates and playing for an iffy coach. The deck is stacked against him, and he’s responded by taking any three where he can see the rim as he’s shooting it.

Unlike Kris Dunn’s performance in the same game, this statline by Holiday doesn’t represent any sort of watershed moment for him. He has no “bust” label to shed. It’s just a great scoring game, one of his best. Nothing more, nothing less.

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