Sindarius Thornwell 13 Points Full Highlights (11/17/2017)

Sindarius Thornwell seems to be suffering from Fryeitis, the disorder where one’s dominant foot edges forward over the three-point line all the time, resulting in a significant reduction in point output. Named after Channing Frye, the symptoms of the disorder are only cured by purposely standing at least a foot behind the line. The disorder itself, sadly, has no cure. Top scientists think its genetic in origin, with people from the southern United States having a higher predisposition to it, but I believe that its caused by increasing air pollution.

In any case, Fryeitis cost Thornwell two whole points tonight, converting a pair of his would-be threes into very long midrange twos. We could be talking about 15 points here, is what I’m saying. 15 points and 5 threes. 13 just doesn’t have the same cachet that 15 does. Not even close, really.

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