Willie Cauley-Stein 22 Points Full Highlights (11/17/2017)

I’m done trying to figure out Willie Cauley-Stein. I’ll leave the analysis of his value as a basketball player to Kings fans, who are already way more invested in him than I am, and sit back and enjoy the good games that he produces 1 out of every 8 tries or so. That way, I can get all the positives of the Cauley-Stein experience (when he’s on, there’s a lot of them) with none of the negatives (he constantly puts up so called “pube” games where he plays like a 7-foot tall pubic hair).

The Kings have been reeling lately, most recently being on the receiving end of some major shmushage against the Hawks, losing by 46. That’s the kind of the game that kills fanbase engagement for a whole season right there. And that was following losses by 18 and 27. If the Kings wanted to have any fans left for their remaining 60-ish games (not including playoffs [LMAO {let me ask obama}]), they had to win this one.

And win they did, on the back of a miracle performance by one WCS. Miracle may be a bit hyperbolic, but he hasn’t been great lately, and he showed up out of nowhere to take this game over in the fourth. Nurkic is probably still pouting. Perhaps the benefits of cutting off that bizarre hair he had are finally revealing themselves.

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