Derrick Favors 25 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2017)

Here’s the deal: I’ve still got a ton of “Flavors of Favors” cookbooks if anyone still wants one. They’re basically collector’s items at this point since I self-published them like a couple of years ago now. Own a piece of DTB history! But if you aren’t really interested, I don’t know why that would be but you’re not alone, that doesn’t matter because I’ve got something even better coming down the pipeline:

Flavors of Favors II: Welcome to FavorsTown!

The few user reviews I got on the last one seemed to think it lacked focus, recipe-wise. Among other issues (you think I can affor color copies? choke on my chode). So for Flavors of Favors part deux, I’m narrowing the scope of the recipes. Only the finest midwest classics are represented. Tater tot casserole? Check. Bratwursts? Check. Hotdish? Check. Other casseroles with cream of mushroom soup? Discount double check, my man. This thing has got it all, just like Monta Ellis.

I upped the production quality majorly as well. I splurged for legit spiral binding from my local copy shop, can you believe that? I thought the twine I used for the first one was fine but apparently it wasn’t. At this copy place they also do glossy prints that I used for the cover. Faves’ face and real pictures of the recipes are featured on it, no photoshop BS. Also, I for real got Derrick to sign off on this one. No more fakery, no more deception. Derrick frickin’ Favors is my financial backer on Welcome to FavorsTown, so you know it’s gonna be lit. I’m just waiting for him to get back to me on Twitter and I can recoup the five grand I spent making this thing a reality.

So, yeah. Hit me up if you want a copy or ten or twenty. Bulk orders get a shipping discount.

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