Frank Mason 13 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2017)

I seem to recall a whole bunch of predraft hype around Frank Mason. Am I recalling correctly? Was it only because he was a Kansas product, or was there another reason, or am I making it all up? Did he do something during March Madness? That’s always good for unwarranted/slightly warranted hype. In any case, there definitely isn’t any hype for him at this very moment.

Note: I am not confusing the lack of current hype for Frank Mason with the lack of current hype for Roger Mason. Just clearing things up.

Being buried on the Kings bench will kill hype pretty quickly, I think. Ask Georgios Papagiannis. They’re such a bad team that if they had good players lurking on the bench, they would get hella minutes to show their stuff. Mason doesn’t get those minutes, thus, he isn’t that good. Yet. I don’t feel like right now he is being held down especially hard, but that position is definitely subject to change. At the very least, by the end of the season, I will be expecting 30 minutes per game for him, just because that’s what April NBA is.

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