Jaylen Brown 27 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2017)

I thought that maybe this would be the game that ended the Celtics’ streak at 14 wins in a row. Atlanta came out hot, got a big early lead, but of course they’re the Hawks and the Celtics are the Celtics so it didn’t last too long. I’m always down to glory in the demise of a contending team (I said it), but I’m also always down to taunt that crappiness of the bottom-feeders, so I’m all good. Man, the Hawks really suck don’t they? It makes me happy to see them suck because Sir Foster is totally overrated.

Jaylen Brown could be looking at his first career 30-burger, but he choked hard at the line at the beginning of the game. 27 points is a lot, and it’s especially a lot given how ineffective he was at scoring the ball last year, but 30 is a whole different beast. You score 30, and no one can ever doubt your ball-depositing skills ever again. 27 is still well within the range of flukiness, even if the highlights don’t seem especially fluky.

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