John Collins 18 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2017)

Among actual players who play actual minutes, the only ones with a higher offensive rebound percentage than John Collins are Drummond, Poeltl, Ed Davis, Kanter, and Mejri. Man… I expected that list to be a lot more impressive for some reason. Guess there just aren’t very many dominant rebounders in the league anymore, either that or every team now doesn’t even try on the offensive glass in order to get back in transition. Dammit.

Well, anyway, Collins is beasting pretty hard on the glass for a rookie. That much we know. He also can kinda score the ball (mostly as a result of him beasting on the glass), and those things combined mean he is a very impressive mid-first round pick. He just got dropped right into the NBA game against NBA bigs, and he didn’t even care.

And he’s only 20. I’m actually getting a little mad now, because this guy is totally NBA ready and I’m subjected to watching D.J. Wilson do crazy celebrations on the bench that he is permanently affixed to.

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