Jonas Jerebko 15 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2017)

It always sucks when a player peaks their rookie year. Jonas “Ikea Assembly Instructions” Jerebko was looking good for the Pistons all the way back in 2010, playing for a team that still had Prince, Hamilton, Wallace, and Villanueva. Then he exploded his Achilles, and that was it for him. He’s still definitely playable, but who knows how good he’d be if he built on that solid rookie season?

I’m getting sad again. Let’s try to be happy! The Utah Jazz have found minutes for Swedish Meatballs in their rotation! Yay! He’s even started a few games for them! Wow! He’s playing the best ball of his career outside of Detroit? Sure! I’m going to pretend that him scoring 5 points per game is totally acceptable and not a complete disappointment relative to the expectations I had placed on him after his rookie season! Hooray!

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