Wesley Matthews 22 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (11/18/2017)

I’m looking at Wesley Matthews’ shooting numbers right now and it seems like they’re backwards. He’s shooting over 40% on long balls, but he’s shooting 33% on all two-point attempts. That doesn’t even make sense. Layups are supposed to be easy. Other two-point shots might be more difficult than layups, but they’re not more difficult than shooting a three. Did nobody tell Matthews that layups are easy?

For reference, the only two rotation players worse than Matthews on two-pointers are Marcus Smart and Shane Larkin. I would totally pay money to watch a Larkin-Smart-Matthews lineup just for the comedic value. Actually I wouldn’t, because watching a team with a deficient offense just annoys me more often that not.

Speaking of teams with deficient offense, the Mavs just totally bamboozled the Bucks and set a team record in three-pointers made. I might seem a little bit buttmad right now, but the buttrage is more directed at Jason Kidd and his non-existent offensive scheme rather than the Mavericks themselves. I could deal with the Mavs pulling it together for a game to get their third win if the Bucks had turned in a decent performance, but they didn’t, so now I’m looking at the boxscore and making myself buttangry all over again.

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