Willie Cauley-Stein 18 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2017)

If you watched this video with no idea who Willie Cauley-Stein was or what his reputation coming out of college was, you would think that this guy is on par with a Porzingis or Davis in terms of offensive skillset. Cauley-Stein was painted as strictly a defensive specialist, but the talent vacuum in Sacramento has allowed him to be more experimental on offense than he would probably be allowed normally, and the result is a game like this where he shows you everything in his arsenal.

That’s the power of a highlight video. It shows you the stepback jumpers and the confident drives to the bucket, but it doesn’t tell you that WCS missed more shots than he made (a bad look for a big guy, and it’s not just this one game either), and it definitely doesn’t tell you that it would likely be better for team success if WCS just stuck to shots he can reliably make, which would be mostly dunks and other shots near the rim and MAYBE an open midrange jumper if it’s really wide open.

I’m pretty sure Kings fans were totally done with this dude after he had multiple dud games where he made no impact at all, but they might be reconsidering their collective stance now that he’s shown himself to be Porzingis 0.5. Or they know this is smoke and mirrors and they still are totally done with this dude.

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