Myles Turner 25 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (11/19/2017)

This kind of performance by Myles Turner that makes me wonder why every team doesn’t just spam pick-and-pops until their arms fall off. In this vid, it looks unstoppable. That might be because of the Heat’s defensive scheme, or it might be because Whiteside doesn’t care about anything on defense if he can’t get a block out of it, but it also might be because it is a literally unstoppable play as long as you have a big who can hit a midrange jumper.

I remember seeing the same type of thing as this with Rubio and KAT last year, and it was just as unstoppable. I feel like I have unearthed the secret to basketball success. Is there any team willing to hire me as a consultant or something? I’m pretty sure I know how to win any game in the NBA, and I have the highlight vids to prove it.

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