Bojan Bogdanovic 26 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2017)

Mute this video, then watch it, and be sure to take note of what sound you make at approximately 1:50 of this video. Now watch it again with audio this time. How did your sound compare to the one Quinn Buckner made? Don’t be sad if it wasn’t quite as good. Not all of us can have vaguely sexual reactions to NBA basketball.

Personally, I let out kind of an “UH” as he hit that sidestep three. And I knew it was coming. If I was watching it live, and I was a Pacers fan, I might have just yelled a singular word, a certain four-letter utterance that rhymes with “cuck”. That’s what I do when people hit big shots. Not too loud, though. Don’t want the smokin’ hot latina in the apartment above mine to think I’m some sort of weirdo. I’ve made it this far, I don’t want to blow it.

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