Doug McDermott 16 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2017)

Do the New York Knicks commentators even call Doug McDermott by his nickname “Doug McBuckets”? In the few Knicks games that I’ve watched, I don’t think I’ve ever heard McDermott referred to in that way. All I hear is Clyde Frazier saying “MacDermott” over and over because they want to play up his good-natured illiteracy or something.

Note that, overall, I am not in favor of the nickname “Doug McBuckets”. It is juvenile and uncreative. If it were enter into permanent nickname retirement, I would shed no tears, and I would also not vote for its induction into the Nickname Hall of Fame (as an important member of the nickname community, I get to vote for such things).

Anyway, Knicks fans will have to educate me on this matter by leaving comments in the comment section down below. If there is a new nickname that the commentators use instead, like “McTriples” or “Dangerous Doug” or “The Dermatologist”, please let me know about this as well.

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