Jaylen Brown 22 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2017)

Jaylen Brown has made some nice progress this season. His progress is so nice, in fact, that I’m going to ignore it and instead bring up the stuff he sucks at.

First point of suckage: passing. This dude just doesn’t get assists. It’s not like he’s a super-unwilling passer, we’re not at Nick Young level yet, but there aren’t a ton of players in the league at his position who have an assist rate as low as he does. And most of them, like Kyle Korver or Troy Daniels, you can see why they wouldn’t ever need to pass. But Brown’s sole purpose in life isn’t to shoot. He’s part of an offensive machine, but he likes to shoot, so he does.

Second point of suckage: losing games. If basketball was about scoring fewer points than your opponents, Brown and the Celtics would really suck at it. But it isn’t, and they don’t, so Brown must be doing something right.

Ultimate third point of unbelievable suckage: I can’t really come up with a third point. So I really only have the one. Man, turns out I’m the one who sucks.

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