John Collins 21 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2017)

John “Collins Card” Collins with yet another productive game off the bench. There’s a lot of rookies doing amazing things right now, but I feel like he should be getting mentioned as well. It doesn’t help that he’s on the Hawks or that he’s just a normal American or that his dad is probably not picking fights with the president right now. All those things serve to diminish his visibility in the eyes of the casual NBA fan.

Note: if you are a casual NBA fan who accidentally stumbled onto this video while trying to find the latest BS reaction vid, may I redirect you to some of my old Stephen Curry highlights? They might be more your style. Don’t strain yourself trying to watch these erudite, learned highlights intended more for the enlightened fan.

As I was saying. Collins had been productive in games before this, extremely consistent, but I was wondering when he would finally hit 20. All those 14s and 16s were getting boring, but now we’ve arrived! 21 points, 5 dunks, he was pretty much unstoppable in the pick-and-roll tonight. With how much Atlanta struggled tonight, I can’t help but think that he may be ready for a larger role in the offense. Him and Belinelli PnRs forever, please.

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