Jose Calderon 14 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2017)

JOSE CALDERON FREE THROW WATCH: After last night’s action, Jose Calderon is now four-of-four on free throws for the season after being 0-of-0 in the previous seven games. This places his free throw percentage at 1.00, tied for best in the league with 32 other players.

For those of you who don’t understand the importance of JOSE CALDERON FREE THROW WATCH, it’s really quite simple: Calderon once shot 98% from the charity stripe over an entire season. He made 151 out of 154 attempts. I don’t know if he’ll match that kind of free throw volume now that he’s 36 years old, but he can at least match or beat that percentage. If he were to finish this season shooting 100%, it’s unlikely that he would have made enough free throws to qualify for any kind of free throw leaderboard, but the real achievement would be shooting free throws with rock solid consistency despite only having to shoot them once every few games.

I might not get another chance to provide my JOSE CALDERON FREE THROW WATCH due to Calderon’s general inability to be a highlight-worthy player these days, so I encourage my viewership to remain vigilant and keep tabs on his free throw shooting on your own time. In this way, the spirit of JOSE CALDERON FREE THROW WATCH will never die.

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