Mario Chalmers 21 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/20/2017)

Remember when Chris Bosh yelled at Mario Chalmers while both were playing for the Heat? Remember the visceral feelings of sympathy you had for Chalmers, who always seemed so untalented and expendable next to this three superstar teammates? Remember how you thought that Bosh should understand that not everybody can play perfectly all the time, and that he should be happy to have a point guard who is happy to take a backseat in the scoring and ball-handling departments? Well, Chalmers got the last laugh on that one because Bosh doesn’t get to play anymore unless it’s in 2K, while Chalmers remains a valued role-player in the league.

I don’t know where Chalmers was last season, but he’s back this season and now he gets to be the starter thanks to Mike Conley’s injury. Chalmers is probably a bottom-five starting point guard, but really, you’ve gotta be happy for a guy whose career highlight is getting yelled at by a guy who would end up getting blood clots all over the inside of his body.

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