Nikola Vucevic 25 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2017)

I don’t exactly know how player-specific fandom works in eastern Europe, but somehow Nikola Vucevic drew the short straw and ended up with exactly zero fans. While Nikola Jokic (who is averaging FEWER points than the other Nikola) receives bags and bags full of fan correspondence every day, Vucevic has to be content with one or two office-supply catalogs a week.

I find this to be a shame, because Vucevic really does have a nice offensive game. He scored 41, remember, an occurrence that netted him exactly zero more fans than he had before. He totally disappeared after that outburst, but he seems to be back on his feet now, scoring 25 without shooting a free throw. That’s how Vooch does it; shoot a bunch of jumpers, avoid all contact, and end up with slightly more points than shots attempted. I hate to call players soft, but I can’t think of a better stereotypically “soft Euro” than him.

Is that why he doesn’t have any fans?

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