Will Barton 25 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2017)

Let us all take a moment to remember when Will Barton was in the dunk contest and lost really bad.

Thank you. It is important to remember not just the heroes of the past, but also the victims.

To be honest I don’t even recall the dunks that he attempted in that contest. Not even a little bit. He was definitely there, right? Maybe he wasn’t, maybe it was all a mirage like the time I thought Chase Budinger was in the dunk-off.

Barton has turned himself into a decent player in Denver, but not decent enough to gain any recognition. Even his home team commentators seem a bit critical of him even when he’s doing stuff right, like making threes. Who cares if he looked off the whole team to take a fading baseline jumper? It went in, didn’t it? I swear, it’s like people care about the process rather than the results.

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