Aaron Gordon 26 Points Full Highlights (11/22/2017)

While making these Aaron Gordon highlights, I couldn’t help but notice how similar he was looking to a certain Magic star from the past. Can you guess who I’m thinking of? Watch the vid first for clues.

Hint 1: It’s not Shaq
Hint 2: It’s not Scott Skiles
Hint 3: Greg Kite? Nah.

Give up? You won’t believe you were so blind when I tell you who it is. Ready?

It’s Gustavo Ayon!

Ayon’s favorite thing to do for the Magic, besides play point-center sometimes, was to hang out along the baseline and surprise people with layups. Exactly what Gordon was doing tonight! Gordon was getting a bit more elevation than The Goose could usually muster, but other than that, the similarities were eerie. If you squint, Gordon even looks a little bit Mexican.

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